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ROI with Bizagi Enterprise
Automation Solutions

Responsive BPM software
for a changing world

With every project, Bizagi aspires to deliver quantifiable
ROIs with scalable enterprise solutions.

From reduced costs and faster speed-to-market to improved compliance and customer service, Bizagi BPM solutions ultimately put value where it matters: on your bottom line.
Anida deployed
12 processes
in 19 weeks.
Mars Canada gets
to market
7x more quickly
infoCaja achieved
compliance 50% faster
than scheduled
& quality
PSMMC reduced errors
by 80% & reduced
headcount by 60%
Allianz increased
employee productivity
by 50%
Student administration
at Birkbeck University
of London improved 90%
Adidas reduced
by 60%
Generali's policy
renewal time slashed
by 50%
Lipigas cut its
discount request
cycle by 80%
with regulations
Colpensiones met
compliance KPIs when
serving 6.5m citizens
infoCaja adapted
to MiFID regulations
in under 4 months
Air France
improved internal IT
compliance by 100%
customer service
Old Mutual significantly
reduced customer in-branch
waiting times
Geometry is
30% more responsive
to customers
PSMMC cut patient
registration waiting
time by 50%
Military City in Saudi deployed
mobile care management
across a 1400 bed hospital
Abengoa connects
149 companies and
30,000+ employees
in 4 countries
Colpensiones handles
28m activities
per month
 Business & IT Collaboration
adidas business
collaboration platform
deployed across
7 divisions
Bizagi BPMS becomes a
backbone for the
Operational Excellence
at Birkbeck University
Old Mutual built BPM
"from the front"
to deliver optimal
customer service
ICO securely processed
80,000 applications in
6 months
GE Capital handles
$50m of receivables
through Bizagi BPMS
NHS improved medical
access to patient records
in under 1 month
And the bottom line is...
Bizagi can deliver these benefits at 30% of the in-house development costs, or less than 50% of competitive BPM systems.

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