What is Digital Process Automation (DPA)?

Digital Process Automation (DPA) uses software to automate manual tasks within a business process. The method builds on traditional Business Process Management (BPM) to help businesses transform end-to-end processes and deliver enterprise-wide digital transformation.

Benefits of DPA

Customer Experience

Having access to data that provides context to your customers allows you to create more personalized experiences.


Business and IT teams can collaborate more effectively through a single platform.


Mitigate risk and protect privacy while reducing costs

Why choose Bizagi for your Digital Process Automation journey?

Bizagi’s low code digital process automation software creates an agile orchestration layer that wraps around your existing systems to connect the people, applications, devices and information across your organization on one secure and scalable digital transformation platform.

Forrester Research Webinar: Understanding Deep Process Automation & How it Helps Scale RPA

Bizagi’s DPA business entity virtualization helps us to deal with complex, relational data by treating it as if it were local. This significantly simplifies the work, promotes re-use and accelerates development."

Senior Solutions Architect and IT Manager, Global Manufacturing and Retail Customer

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