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Upcoming Events

MIT & Bizagi Webinar - What Digital Transformation Means in 2018 and Beyond

Bizagi & MIT Sloan

July 26, 2018


The relentless pace of technological progress, massive competency shifts and cultural/organizational challenges have combined to make digital transformation a complex, albeit necessary, exercise. Please join Dr. Bonnet, co-author of “The Nine Elements of Digital Transformation,” as he shares his thoughts on, and some examples of, the barriers to digital transformation and what leaders can do to overcome them.

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BUILD Digital Process Automation Tech Night


August 8, 2018

Detroit, MI

Come join us at BUILD, our Digital Process Automation Tech Night where you can see how for yourself! Come by our happy hour after work with your laptop. Our solutions consultants will show you how to build an app while you enjoy snacks and drinks and share experiences with your peers. You’ll also have an opportunity to see RPA in action, courtesy of our sponsor, Lateetud. You’ll walk in for a drink and walk out with an app!

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Bizagi Catalyst - International Community Conference


October 16 - 18 2018

Miami Beach, FL

Bizagi Catalyst 18 will bring together over 300 business leaders from our global community of 500+ enterprise customers and 1 million users. This event offers an exclusive opportunity to learn, network and collaborate with real experts on strategies for accelerating digital transformation.

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