Finance Automation Forum UK

  • 03/11/21
  • 10:00am-12:30pm GMT
  •  Virtual

Join Roboyo, Bizagi, and ABBYY for a unique, interactive virtual forum focused on finance transformation.

Empower your Citizen Developers to accelerate the digital transformation journey: Kevin Guerrero

  • 03/11/21
  • 11:00am EST
  •  Webinar

Join Bizagi's Process Professor Kevin Guerrero for a crash course in Bizagi's Live Processes and learn how you can use this feature to empower your Citizen Developers to create simple processes and forms more easily than ever before – all from within the browser interface.

Data, Dump Trucks and a Deep Dive Into Smart Units Process Automation

  • 03/25/21
  • 9:00am EST/2:00pm GMT
  •  Webinar

Learn how GeesinkNorba turned the Smart Factory concept into a Smart Units concept, leveraging the power of process automation and exceeding what they would have achieved if they sticked to the (over complex, inflexible and old fashion) Smart Factory approach.

Citizens Bank: Transforming Fraud & Claims

  • 03/31/21
  • 2:00pm EDT
  •  Webinar

Join Tom Dixon - Senior Vice President at Citizens Bank & Marlando Rhule - Director of Professional Services at Bizagi, and Darshan Jain from Blue Prism to learn how to optimize and automate processes for a better customer experience. 


Finance Automation Forum USA

  • 04/13/21
  • 10:00am EST
  •  Virtual

Join Roboyo, Bizagi, and ABBYY for a unique, interactive virtual forum focused on finance transformation.

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