Transform HR processes

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Frustration free onboarding, offboarding and transitions

Upload and access employee data in one place to make provisioning for new starters, offboarding leavers and completing actions required for role changes quick and easy.


Manage and gain visibility into complex global workforces

Bring together information from multiple sources to gain a unified view of employee activity such as training, vacation requests and performance reviews.

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Safeguard employee data and regulatory compliance

Implement security measures and set permissions to prevent unauthorized access to employee information and adhere to data privacy regulations.

Popular HR automation examples


Automate key recruitment activities such as pre-screening and interview scheduling to speed up time to fill and reduce cost per hire.

Employee onboarding

Connect systems and departments to reduce time-consuming administrative tasks and create a positive onboarding experience and increase productivity and retention.

Vacation requests

Track leave allowance, automate approval emails and automatically update payroll systems for a faster, smarter leave management process.

Employee offboarding

Standardize offboarding procedures to minimise disruption and risk to the business.

Our first project in Bizagi has been a success. Once you have a process in Bizagi, it allows you to track and monitor that process and ability to see where the bottlenecks are and where improvements can be made. It’s a continual improvement piece."

Darran King,
Head of Solutions Architecture, OCS

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