Many organizations manage interactions between people, processes, technology and information using cases. Managing cases effectively requires connecting internal and external sources of data and leveraging AI and machine learning technologies to make intelligent decisions. From customer onboarding to approvals, optimizing and automating case management processes drives cases to completion in a shorter timeframe.

Bizagi supports all types of cases whether structured or unstructured. The flexibility of our platform allows you to start a case from a process instance perspective or an external system, bind together structured processes into a single case and coordinate knowledge, content and resources to manage your cases.


Structured vs. Unstructured



e.g. automated regulatory process


Structured with adhoc exceptions

e.g. financial back office transaction


Unstructured with pre-defined fragments

e.g. claims case



e.g. fraud investigations

Start modeling your case management processes in Bizagi Modeler

Popular case management examples

Customer Service Ticketing

Facilities Project Management

Incident Resolution

Product Ideation

Contract Management

Compliance Tracking

Fraud Investigation

Learn the Advantages of Using Bizagi for Case Management

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