Easily manage structured and unstructured cases



e.g. automated regulatory process


Structured with adhoc exceptions

e.g. financial back office transaction


Unstructured with pre-defined fragments

e.g. claims case



e.g. fraud investigations

Bizagi's case management features


OOTB runtime and design time support for the spectrum of case patterns.

Dynamically binds processes at runtime to create and trace work scenarios across processes.

Determines the actions presented based on the user, current context and business rules.

Automated case management success stories

2 million cases processed per year

2 hours a day saved by employees

33% faster customer call resolution

90% increased efficiency

Create efficiency enhancing case management apps

Bizagi’s Experience Matrix enables you to define stakeholders and create personas that provide knowledge workers with easy access to relevant information and the corresponding actions based on their role and requirements. This creates a customized user experience and a more efficient way of managing cases.

Experience Matrix Mockup (2).png

Popular case management examples

Service requests

  • Loan origination
  • Underwriting
  • Customer service



  • Compliance tracking
  • Fraud investigation
  • Technology management governance

Incident management

  • Complaint management
  • Order exception management
  • Quality management

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