Bizagi’s Strategy for the AI-Everywhere Future

Bizagi’s AI strategy defines three levels where AI will play a key role in the future of the platform. Look out for platform innovations in upcoming releases that deliver new features in these areas.

Focus on AI delivering business value first and foremost.

The last 6-10 years of the low-code movement has focused on boosting developer productivity.  It is time to focus on business value and agility again.

AI governance, security, and privacy is essential.

Bizagi will provide advanced, built-in governance at all levels to ensure your data stays private and secure.

Explore AI innovations for frequently overlooked business capabilities.

Why should developers have all the AI fun? Bizagi intends to bring the benefits of AI across the entire organization.

Empowering Organizations with AI

Make better, faster decisions

Use conversational analytics to surface actionable insights that can help inform decision making and speed up outcomes.

Turn unstructured text into meaningful actions

Drive processes and apps from documents and emails that are parsed, categorized, extracted, and analyzed by AI.

Create personalized communications

Easily generate targeted communications relevant to the situation at hand.



Say Hello to Ada

Meet Ada, Bizagi’s AI assistant available in Bizagi Apps that boosts productivity by:

Enabling users to easily explore their business data from day 1

Answering natural language questions with business results

Presenting results with applicable actions for the user

Enabling scope changes without IT intervention

Discover Bizagi's AI Connectors

OpenAI Connector

Bizagi’s connector enables you to easily integrate OpenAI into your processes and apps. With this you can boost productivity by leveraging OpenAI to produce information and complete tasks that could then be checked and validated by a human.

Microsoft Cognitive Services Connector

With this connector you can easily use the Text Analytics API from Cognitive Services so you can identify and categorize important concepts, extract key phrases from unstructured texts, and improve the understanding of customer perception.

Dedicated to Delivering Responsible AI

Built-in advanced governance

Data privacy, security, and governance at all levels

Strict AI ethics policies and procedures

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