What Can You Do with Ada?

Ask questions about your business data

Ada enables business users to find information directly inside Bizagi Apps using natural language questions.


Take actions on data highlighted by Ada

Ada boosts productivity by presenting actions tailored to the person who submitted the request.


Generate graphical views of business data

Ada provides out-of-the box analytics from day one, making it easier to understand and present data.

How Does Ada Help Organizations?

Bizagi Ada page mockup.png

Better, faster decisions

Ada unlocks the opportunity for organizations to use AI to make smarter decisions that increase efficiency and boost revenue.

Self-service for business users

Business users don't need to send their data queries to IT as Ada can deliver these directly in Bizagi Apps.

Responsible AI for enterprise

Ada is carefully designed to protect business data and maintain governance.

How Ada Enables AI Security and Governance


Ada leverages Azure Private OpenAI Services, rather than the public service

Ada is trained on Bizagi’s data structure and does not share any private data

Ada only provides authorized information relevant to your the user’s persona & context to ensure governance and security  

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