Delivering Results for Retail and CPG

3x faster pricing framework creation

50% reduction in factory onboarding time

33% faster customer call resolution

12x faster pricing approval


Future-Proofing Your Retail Supply Chain

Learn how to transform retail supply chain operations for greater efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Optimizing Customer Service at Bunzl

Transform Retail Processes


Increase visibility across systems and operations

Digitizing and automating processes with low-code apps provides you with the data you need to get a better view across operations and make smarter business decisions, whether that’s in-store, online, inventory levels or order tracking.

Ensure customer satisfaction with faster processes

Better processes baked into your systems enable your staff to fulfil orders faster, then track and communicate order status to customers with greater accuracy, leading to happier customers and more repeat sales.

Control costs and deliver greater efficiency

When you optimize your processes and build a better way of working into day-to-day operations you can unlock huge cost savings by tackling bottlenecks, removing manual steps and automating actions that minimize errors and returns.

Bizagi Automation in Retail and CPG

Sourcing and Procurement

Evaluate resource requirements, review budgets and compare suppliers in a single place to reduce cycle time and maximise cost-saving.

Vendor Onboarding

Automatically route information to relevant stakeholders for increased visibility and faster decision-making.

Inventory Management

Manage inventory across sales channels for real-time visibility into stock levels and accurate reporting.

Order Processing

Capture sales information and track orders for accurate and fast fulfilment and satisfied customers.

Shipping and Delivery

Coordinate dispatchers, drivers and customers to ensure orders arrive on time and SLAs are consistently met.

Customer Service

Easily access customer and order data to fulfil orders faster and handle queries efficiently for a positive customer experience.

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