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The Forrester Wave™: Digital Process Automation Software

Learn why Bizagi has been named a strong performer among the 15 providers that matter most for Digital Process Automation.

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Platform Overview

Learn about the elements of Bizagi’s platform, how it works for different types of users and how to build modern apps that transform your processes.

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Bizagi Apps Brochure

Discover the easiest way to create robust enterprise apps with built-in governance to meet the needs of the modern enterprise.

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SAP Integration

Discover how Bizagi's low-code platform “wraps and extends” SAP to deliver agile end-to-end process orchestration.

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MDM with Bizagi

Discover how Bizagi brings together data from multiple systems to create a single source of truth.

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Gartner Predicts 2024: Supply Chain Technology

Download for insights on focus areas for emerging technology investments and supply chain technology recommendations.


Enhancing SAP with a Low-Code Platform, Featuring Kyocera

Hear from Bizagi’s CMO Samir Gulati as he discusses using a low-code platform to enhance SAP with Kyocera’s COE Lead, Jagadeesh Kadiyala. Jagadeesh will share how the leading printer manufacturer used Bizagi to orchestrate processes and integrate them with SAP to accelerate operations. Bizagi’s Solution Consultant, Ernesto Castro, will also give a live demo to show you how easily Bizagi integrates with SAP.


Banking & Investment Operations Reimagined: Stone Coast Fund Services' Digital Transformation Journey with Bizagi

Hear how Stone Coast Fund Services, an independent fund administration firm, has used Bizagi to drive efficiencies in the support it provides to 350 Hedge Funds with $101Bn in assets under management.


Technology Modernization in Banking with Banco de Occidente

Discover the latest trends in the banking industry, how technology is playing a role and how Banco de Occidente is finding success.Discover the latest trends in the banking industry, how technology is playing a role and how Banco de Occidente is finding success.


Unlock the Full Potential of Bizagi for Your Organization

Discover how Bizagi can enable your enterprise to streamline its operations by creating process apps that seamlessly orchestrate the relevant people, systems, bots, and data.


Beyond ChatGPT: Delivering Real Business Value

Learn about the full spectrum of ways that generative AI can deliver value, the ways that the core technologies can be integrated with business assets and how Bizagi’s governable AI assistant, named Ada, provides conversational analytics with actionable results.


State of Low-Code Process Automation Report

Find out how organizations are leveraging low-code process automation platforms to tackle day-to-day challenges and increase productivity, improve collaboration, and save money.


3 Key Strategies for Modernizing Investment Management Operations

Get strategic advice for transforming middle, and back-office operations using modern apps, orchestration, and process automation.


How to Transform Your Manufacturing Supply Chain

Learn how to transform your manufacturing supply chain for better efficiency, business agility and compliance.


Future-Proofing Your Retail Supply Chain

Learn how to transform retail supply chain operations for greater efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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A Strategic Approach to Automation

Read this new brief from IDC’s Neil Ward-Dutton. You’ll learn how to take a step back and apply fresh thinking to your automation and transformation initiatives.


The Essential Guide to Modernizing Banking Operations

Download now for strategic advice and success stories of digital innovation in banking.


Transforming Supply Chain Management in Energy & Utilities

Get practical advice from leading companies on navigating disruption by fixing gaps in supply chain operations.


The Strategic Guide to Supply Chain Automation for Manufacturing & Retail

Learn how leading companies such as Adidas, Kyocera, and Bunzl are navigating supply chain disruption and get practical advice on how to improve resilience in your own operations.


Unilever International Delivers Customer Excellence in Cross-Border Commerce

Discover how Unilever International leveraged Bizagi’s low-code automation platform to increase efficiency, productivity and control frameworks in their cross-border product shipments.


Process Transparency Through Integration of People & Automation at Deutsche Post DHL Group

Learn how DHL uses Bizagi to efficiently integrate process actors across organizational boundaries into highly automated business processes. 


Automation for Product Lifecycle Management with Bunzl

Discover the challenges of supply chain management and the opportunities to solve them using digital process automation.


Transforming Insurance

How your organization can keep up with insurtech disruptors using process agility.


The Ultimate Guide to Low-Code Automation

Discover how a low-code automation platform can benefit your organization and how to measure its effectiveness across the enterprise.

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The Essential Guide to Automation in Financial Services

A strategic guide to gaining client trust, operational excellence and competitive advantage through automation in financial services. 

Robot in factory

The Essential Guide to Automation in Manufacturing

Learn how to automate your manufacturing operations in this strategic guide to drive efficiency, product innovation, and competitive advantage. 


The Ultimate Guide To Improving Your Business Processes

Get insight from expert users on how to start your process automation project and the lessons learned during their own implementations.


How to Create a Center of Excellence for Digital Transformation

Find out how to prepare for large, global projects with consistent rules, predictable quality and affordable costs.

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Planning Your Path to Intelligent Process Automation

Learn the importance of effectively managing modern application architecture and how to enable organization-wide digital capabilities.

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Intelligent Process Automation: A Springboard to Profitable Digital Transformation

Discover the power of process to unite siloed legacy systems and drive efficiency and agility in your organization.


Navigating the Federal Intelligent Process Revolution

Digitization of services has become critical for federal organizations in the public sector who want to improve the lives of their constituents.


Why Bizagi & RPA Are Better Together

Identify the difference between Bizagi and RPA technologies, along with how and why to use them together.


Harnessing Digital Process Automation to Drive Transformation in Financial Services

Find out how financial institutions can successfully drive rapid product innovation in a highly regulated market to remain competitive.

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Become the Responsive Bank: How Customer Obsessed Are You?

Discover how to ensure a seamless omni-channel customer experience that will boost your customer advocacy for good.

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The Most Critical People You Need to Deliver Digital Transformation

Find practical advice on building a digital transformation team.

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Building the BPM Business Case

Find key factors to consider for ROI optimization and crucial questions to ask vendors.


Spark Framework

Say goodbye to rigid project deployment, welcome agile methodology. Bizagi’s Spark is a tried & tested approach that takes you from Project to Program in 3 steps.

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On-Target Methodology

Empower: Bizagi’s On-Target methodology helps you to define Best Practice and replicate your QuickStart success across new areas of your business. 

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Quickstart Overview

Energize: QuickStart your BPM program and get results fast! In as little as 7 weeks, achieve tangible results with our agile approach that helps instil confidence in BPM.

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Widget Editor Overview

Boost your Bizagi processes…fast. Learn about our new cloud-based Widget Editor platform and its exciting possibilities for business users and developers alike.