Accelerate Innovation with Bizagi Apps

1 - Compose in Experience Matrix

A single, easy-to-understand view of an app’s stakeholders and their available information and activities.

2 - Customize in App Designer

Drag-and-drop to build your app interface using the reusable elements defined in the Experience Matrix.

3 - Extend Your App in Studio

Create new composable elements such as forms, business rules, processes and data objects to use in your applications.

Modern Apps Powered by Process

Benefits of Bizagi Apps

Design personalized experiences for every role

One app is able to support different roles and preferred work methods according to the data they require and the actions they need to take on it.

Experience Matrix Mockup.png


Surface valuable insights to enhance decisions

Include dashboards and reports from reporting tools such as Power BI and Tableau to present relevant information for decision makers and managers exactly when they need it.

Accelerate development with composability

Leverage reusable business objects, actions and processes to reduce the time it takes to build new apps and deliver value, enabling you to achieve more with fewer resources.