Transform Finance Processes

Automate and reduce repetitive manual work

Streamline time-consuming tasks such as approvals with workflows that remind stakeholders of actions to be taken to avoid delays.

Unlock visibility, predictability and cost efficiencies

Monitor status, standardize processes and optimize resource utilization.

Mitigate risk and maintain your regulatory compliance

Build compliance checks into processes to avoid non-compliance and create audit trails to report on adherence.

Popular finance automation examples

Purchase Orders

Store vendor information in a centralized system for faster payments and better visibility of business expenses.

Procure To Pay

Centralize data from across the procurement value chain to increase engagement with other departments and shorten the procurement cycle to maximize cost-savings.


Automate approvals to reduce process bottlenecks and increase operational efficiency.


Request and send payments securely and fast.

How our customers are transforming finance operations


Printer and copier manufacturer Kyocera integrated Bizagi with their SAP ERP system to increase visibility of their pricing approval process and saw an 85% reduction in the process time. Automating the process also accelerated turnaround time for winning new business.

In terms of technological deployment, Bizagi is one of the greatest assets we have right now in our company."

Rui Dinis

Director of Finance and Administration, Manpower Group Portugal

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