[Infographic] Top Automated Business Processes

Digital transformation is top of business leaders’ agendas, and process automation is a key component of any digital transformation strategy. 

Process automation is helping organizations navigate increasingly complex and demanding business environments. Not only do low-code process automation platforms reduce day-to-day business challenges, but companies are applying the technology to a broad range of use cases, yielding valuable benefits like increased productivity, improved collaboration, and cost savings.

To understand how organizations currently employ process automation and leverage low-code process automation platforms, we surveyed 300 U.S.-based technical leaders who influence IT decision-making at their company. All respondents worked at large organizations with over 5,000 employees in the banking, energy/utilities, government, manufacturing, or retail/wholesale industries. 

The results showed the broad use of process automation. We’ve created an infographic that highlights the top automated processes by industry as well as use cases across industries that have been partially or completely automated. 

If you’d like to find out more about how investment in low-code automation platforms is helping organizations, and the top benefits that these organizations have seen as a result, download the full report: The 2023 State of Low-Code Process Automation Report

Top automated processes -infographic Bizagi.jpg Top automated processes infographic-bottom CTA.jpg