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hours of data entry work outsourced to Shared Services


days per month freed up


background checks automated in seven months

12 weeks

to deliver shared services integration

Executive search firm Russell Reynolds wanted to modernize their way of working to maximize value to clients while improving employee experience. They established three regional Centers of Excellence (CoE), with the aim to use these to support employees with candidate research and redistribute more basic research work to the newly expanded Shared Services team.

Bizagi was used to move, manage and track the workload of local offices and route it to the CoEs or Shared Services to enable a more efficient way of working. In the first year of using Bizagi, 71,000 hours of data entry work was offloaded to Shared Service, giving Executive Assistants and Researchers up to 30% more time to focus on key areas of business, rather than administrative work. They also automated the candidate background check processes, which previously took 3-4 hours to complete and is now an entirely hands-off process.

Bizagi now gives us the opportunity to gather data and provide a lot of insight into what was largely invisible, even just a couple of years ago, from the individual level up to the overall global perspective.

Ryan Shaw,

Director of Application Development, Russell Reynolds


  • Deliver value to customers through quality, consistency and speed of work
  • Improve employee experience
  • Better manage workload capacity of employees
  • Free up employee time by redistributing administrative work to Shared Service center
  • Establish and enable regional Centers of Excellence to support candidate research
  • Automate candidate background processes to save time and ensure thorough checks


  • Workflows developed to move, manage and track work across the organization
  • Shared services integration delivered in twelve weeks
  • 71,000 hours of data entry work outsourced to Shared Services in first year
  • 50-man days per month freed up to focus on client-focused tasks and ensure quality of work
  • 30% less time spent on data entry by Executive Assistants and Researchers
  • Candidate background check, previously four hours to complete, now completely hands-off
  • Processed 25,000 automated background checks in first seven months
  • Candidate Degree Verification centralized to improve SLAs
  • Standardization of core processes, providing clarity to senior executives and legal team