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minutes in new workflows available


hours a day saved by employees

Part of the eighth largest bank in the world, BNP Paribas Cardif Japan are beginning their process automation journey with the claims process – a vital point in their mortgage insurance. They have deployed a workflow solution to simplify the process, then automated the validation, assessment and ultimately the approval of a claim.

Using Bizagi they were able to reduce the time it took developers to produce new releases from up to four weeks to just 10 minutes on average. The automation of manual tasks such as data entry, Excel calculations and email communications has freed up 15 employees, allowing them to be placed in other insurance departments. Those still working in claims have also saved two hours per day and can ensure they meet regulation deadlines.  

The experience we’ve had as a customer of Bizagi has been very solid. It’s ended up creating a level of engagement and trust… this is a long-term play for us, highly visible and highly tactical."

Colm Kennelly,



  • Simplification and automation of the claims process  
  • Provide better customer service by reducing lead time of claims payment  
  • Deliver efficient updates to the claims process, which currently takes two to four weeks on average
  • Free-up employees from completing manual tasks, such as data entry and Excel calculations
  • Meet the regulation deadline of claims payment and avoid errors to data entry and calculations to meet compliance standards 


  • New releases of workflow updates available in 10 minutes thanks to ease of UI 
  • Claims process automated to save employees 2 hours a day
  • 15 employees placed in other insurance departments as they are now freed from completing manual tasks
  • Automated data entry has improved the quality of information
  • Time to deliver claims has been significantly reduced, improving customer experience and meeting regulation deadlines.