Unleash Automation in 7 Weeks with the Bizagi Accelerator Package

Unleash Automation in 7 Weeks with the Bizagi Accelerator Package

Introducing Bizagi Accelerator

71% of organizations are stuck in “digital deadlock” unable to significantly increase their digital maturity.  

Does that sound familiar? If it does then you know that once digital deadlock has set in, getting innovation started again means overcoming significant barriers – particularly if your organization has witnessed failed digital projects in the past.  

Our new Accelerator package makes it easier for teams to take the first step into process automation through a specially designed bundle of software and services. This newly available combination will help companies to create their first process application in just 7 weeks.  


Why Choose Bizagi Accelerator?

1 – It’s The Ideal Platform for Launch

This package offering is unique in the market in combining process automation software and services, at a pre-agreed discount. This guarantees that your project will get off the ground quickly, and at the lowest possible up-front cost. With this package, we will help you to automate your pilot project and deliver results early whilst also setting the right foundations to convert your quick win into long-term success.  

Travelport launched a pilot project with Bizagi to speed up the development cycle and delivery time of their APIs for customers. In a matter of weeks, they had realized ROI, including a 75% reduction in average API enablement time.  

“We got a positive payback on this project in two months. It shortened the length of time that it took to deliver the product to our customers, and it gave us payback really quickly. We also got great comments from our users on the ease of use and the layout of Bizagi, they really liked it,” said Alan Zimmerman, Senior Business Process Architect at Travelport.   


2 – It’s a Pre-Agreed Package Discount 

If you are launching a new initiative, it is all too easy to purchase shelfware that nobody uses. The most common outdated acquisition strategies and business models force companies to buy software licenses for users in advance before you know if you are actually going to need them. We still offer this to companies that need it, but our view is that the best model is one that connects cost to value. Bizagi’s cloud offering powered by Microsoft Azure does exactly that. 

With our performance-based business model you pay based on your usage level of the platform. In addition, this new Accelerator package gives you a favorable discount on one of our most common first usage levels.


3 – The Quick-Start Program is Built In 

With specialist services built into the package, you can also ensure that the software is implemented correctly, significantly de-risking your initiative. Following early success, it is always our goal to then train our customers to be 100% self-sufficient if that’s what they are looking to achieve.  

Our QuickStart program, the launch point for our Bizagi Spark methodology and part of the Bizagi Accelerator package, helps you to deliver the first phase of your automation. Our team works with you to identify a ‘quick win’ process to automate first, enabling you to deliver tangible value fast.  

Bizagi customer ManpowerGroup Portugal used the Spark methodology at the start of their digital transformation journey, which saw them automate three new processes every two months in the first two years.  

As a result, their contract production time was reduced 88% from 4 days to half a day. Automating processes also resulted in a 90% reduction in the amount of email and Excel work required by employees.


Bizagi Accelerator represents the most comprehensive packaged offering on the market for taking your first step into a new process automation platform.


So what’s the next step?

Find out more about the Bizagi Accelerator Package and Contact Bizagi to speak to a local expert about this package.