Low-Code Platform

Our low-code platform empowers users with any level of programming skill to create applications. This enables companies to orchestrate systems, people, bots and data, increasing efficiency and agility across the enterprise.

Value-driven Investment

Customer Success Program

Your success is our mission so you’ll get a dedicated Customer Success Director who will support you in identifying and delivering your first project to ensure that it delivers real value.

Rapid Return on Investment

We’ll help you deliver your first project to ensure early success, then we’ll support you to become self-sufficient for ongoing innovation.

Consumption-Based Pricing

Our consumption-based pricing model gives you unlimited users and apps and allows you to scale based on your business needs.  

Partner for Success


Expert Services

Our Expert Services team bring a proven implementation methodology along with best practices and architectural guidance.


Our wide range of on-demand and instructor-led training sessions help you master Bizagi. Use our Learning Journeys to discover the training path that best suits your job role.

Connectors and Accelerators

Bizagi Xchange offers Accelerators, UI Widgets and Integration Connectors to speed up your automation project and enable you to deliver value faster.

Don't Take It From Us


“Bizagi is unique in the way it connects the business and the process data together on a single platform, which allows you to run and develop the system in an easier and stable way.”

Jan Marek,
IT Manager


“Bizagi provides a lot of knowledge and support… They are interested in helping us move forward using not only their application, but also in combining it with other capabilities such as robotics.”

Jorge Otalvaro,
VP of Service Delivery & Operations

Ceara State Government, Brazil

“One thing that I love about Bizagi is its low code approach, but if you need to, you can code. Bizagi has the tools to cope with the complexity as well.” 

Carlos Sérgio,
Project Director