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Contextualization with Bizagi

How to offer context-driven customer experiences

What do we mean by Contextualization?

This may be a new concept to some, but digital disruptors have already shown that context is the key to winning customer experiences. Take Uber as an example, the application would be nothing at all without real-time location information of customers and taxis, and relevant reviews. The whole experience is powered by contextual information. So to win the customer experience battle, every organization should be looking for ways to offer exactly the right products and services to the right customer, at the right time.

That means really knowing your customer – not just personally, but contextually:

  •   Going beyond questions of ‘Who’ your customer is to ask ‘What’, ‘Where’ and ‘Why’
  •   Empowering systems and employees with live data, profile data, historical data and demographics
  •   Leveraging that contextual data to increase revenues, up-sell, cross-sell and reduce customer churn

How Bizagi can help

With Bizagi you can create more depth in your business applications by incorporating contextual information into your applications and processes at critical points in the customer journey. You can do this by integrating those applications and automating the flow of data from legacy systems into your front end services. You can even use AI to trigger processes based on changes in the data.

Make faster decisions by surfacing the relevant data in the perfect moment

Make smarter decisions by automating intelligent decision making in key processes

Provide a more engaging user experience by understanding a customer’s unique needs

Historical Data & Past Purchases
Profile Data & Preferences
Contextualized Services
Demographic Insights
Artificial Intelligence

Use Cases

  •   Customer Service
  •   Loan Origination
  •   Customer On-boarding
  •   Employee Engagement
  •   Insurance Claims Processing

How a Digital Business Platform can provide a Multi-Channel Experience

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