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Bizagi Set to Ignite Digital Transformation with Digital Business Platform Launch

Bizagi 11 to help enterprises accelerate the speed of transformation

Bizagi, a leading global provider of digital process automation software, today launches Bizagi 11 – The Digital Business Platform – a solution powerful enough to deliver rapid digital transformation effectively across a wide range of business environments.  

Bizagi 11 is uniquely enhanced by harnessing the shared insight and innovations created by Bizagi’s global community of more than 500,000 process pioneers – business and technology professionals committed to improving digital transformation. Through the Bizagi Xchanges, users can access the process applications, integration connectors and user interface widgets created by their peers across this global community, further accelerating their transformation programs.

Bizagi 11 – The Digital Business Platform – focuses on delivering against three core pillars that underpin successful enterprise-wide transformation:

  • Agility: The platform delivers collaborative innovation and experimentation between business and IT teams, boosting operational productivity and speed, while still maintaining IT control.

  • Engagement: By intelligent use of data-driven processes, Bizagi’s platform empowers knowledge workers with personalized, contextualized experiences to engage better with each other and their ultimate customer.

  • Connections: Bizagi 11 offers native integration Connectors to help incumbents immediately wrap any legacy IT system landscape with a super-fast agile process layer, and connects those processes with knowledge workers across the extended enterprise through any channel.

    Gustavo Gomez, CEO, Bizagi commented, "All enterprises already understand and are acting on the digital transformation agenda. However, real digital transformation is proving very hard for the majority to deliver – and they need to deliver fast. Bizagi 11 is designed to make it easier. Bizagi’s Digital Business Platform is the first platform to the market that has been designed specifically to empower and assist knowledge workers and IT professionals to make true transformation happen, and happen fast. Bizagi works with over 500 global brands to deliver software that enables agile process automation across the enterprise, helping boost employee engagement and operational efficiencies, as well as improving overall customer experience."

    “We are passionate and committed to helping our customers ignite their digital transformation strategies and overcome the digital constraints that hold back so many enterprises today. Bizagi 11, is unique in its ability to help large enterprises, otherwise bound by inflexible legacy systems and a culture fearful of experimentation, to facilitate the ideas, collaboration and rapid change that underpin all successful digital businesses. The global launch we’re announcing today is an important milestone for both our customers and the broader market.” added Gomez.

    Companies can to try Bizagi 11 for free, and see the powerful capabilities of The Digital Business Platform.

    About Bizagi

    Headquartered in the UK with operations across North America, Europe and Latin America, Bizagi is a global leader in digital process automation software. Bizagi helps ignite the digital transformation programs for more than 500 enterprise customers across 50 countries around the world, assisted by an international network of partners and a global community of over 500,000 process pioneers.

    For more information please email Marketing@bizagi.com

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