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Bizagi – Process Automation for Mobile

Supporting the new generation of mobile solutions

Having a responsive Mobile Solution isn't enough anymore In order to manage increasingly complex operations and services, organizations across the globe are making productivity a priority. That means giving people the tools to work anywhere. Business users are being empowered with the right information on any device and whether there's an internet connection or not. This enables staff to make better, faster decisions without the restrictions of the office.
Why Mobile Process Automation Matters
Fact-based decisions Business users are connected around the clock on any device they choose. This provides them with a centralized view of their processes when they need it, empowering good decisions without the restrictions of the office.
cost savings
Cost savings Working on processes on any device of the employees' choice significantly reduces hardware and support costs. The code-free widgets allow non-IT users to create and enhance their own process applications to adapt quickly to changing market dynamics.
increased productivity
Applications display optimally on any device, allowing users to access documents and reports via their smartphone and enjoy working on them.
customer experience
Optimized customer experience Adding mobility to DPA extends its role from seamless back-office automation to optimizing user journey right through the whole application.
Bizagi customers are connected and productive
- on the move and around the clock
Build once, run anywhere!
Bizagi delivers fast results that run optimally on every mobile device. Our innovative UI supports new devices as they come to market.
Mobile-first intuitive User Interface (UI) In Bizagi there is no such thing as a 'mobile form', only a single user interface that you design. The complete palette of interface Widgets are available for any device – including multi-page grids and data tables.
Work on any device

Customize each activity to render perfectly for a family of devices or a specific device. Create independent forms for mobile phones, tablets and desktops to improve your end user’s experience relying.

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No internet connection?

Business users can be productive whether there's an internet connection or not. With Bizagi Advanced Offline Forms users can create or work in cases even without a network connection from their mobile devices.

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Widget Xchange

Add functionality to processes quickly using these ready-built 'Lego blocks'. Maps, pie charts, calculators whatever you need, our community created it. All free for you to use & share

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