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Bizagi BPM & SharePoint Workflows

Collaborative BPM Solution

Like SharePoint? Then you'll love Bizagi Web Parts.
Enjoy all the benefits of the world's most widely used corporate intranet platform,
enriched with the best BPM features.
Bizagi Web Parts is a simple plug-in that gives users across your organization instant access to BPM and workflow capabilities.
Create new requests or cases. Work on pending business processes. Manage everything from leave requests
to purchase approvals - all without leaving SharePoint!
SharePoint resources Discover more about Bizagi Web Parts for SharePoint
* Bizagi Web Parts for SharePoint are not currently supported
on mobile or tablet devices.
Why choose Bizagi for SharePoint integration?
Connect quickly – no code It's so easy to create the connection between SharePoint and Bizagi. Simply drag and drop pre-defined Web Parts into your workplace without programming and start customizing the look and feel of the Bizagi's style sheet.
Share your business processes Push your processes out to your SharePoint community at the click of a button.
Dynamic HTML forms are easy to create and render flawlessly on any device. Bizagi Web Parts
empowers users across your business to carry out process tasks and workflows from the SharePoint portal
while ensuring integrity of process data held in the Bizagi repository.
Enhance collaboration A uniform interface and single sign-on create the ideal collaboration environment between Bizagi and SharePoint, allowing users to enjoy full BPM and workflow capabilities from their intranet portal.
Bizagi Web Parts & SharePoint - Dual Portal Design
Dual portal design Bizagi acts as the process orchestration layer where all process and workflow related activities are securely managed and executed, but are instantly accessible in SharePoint.

Bizagi Web Parts bring the structured business process content into your corporate intranet.
Our dual portal strategy allows us to benefit from a richer user experience that maintains integrity over rules and workflow without compromising development speed. Leveraging Bizagi BPMS enables our UI to be seamlessly and transparently rendered via the SharePoint portal, providing the enterprise with a one-stop-shop for Bizagi-powered workflow applications. Sathish Kumar Ramadoss, Senior Technology Architect, adidas Group
What are the benefits of Bizagi Web Parts?
  • Share processes across your intranet in one click
  • Render process forms dynamically in SharePoint
  • Push process content to your user community
  • Access Bizagi inbox or create new cases directly from SharePoint
  • Drag & drop Bizagi Web Parts into your SharePoint application
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