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Latest Updates Bizagi Studio

Version 11.1 Release date:June 5, 2017
What we've updated
  • Issues selecting Roles and Skills when editing users have been fixed.
  • Process attributes are now visible when creating an expression from Expert view.
  • Single quotes and apostrophes (') are now supported on email template's subject.
  • Issues validating required fields have been solved.
  • Issues changing Upload file maximum size have been fixed.
  • Issues saving custom jobs expressions have been fixed.
  • Visual feedback when selecting a row of a grid was improved.
  • Passwords for REST services are now stored encrypted in the database.
  • Values node is now available for Application entities in Expert view.
  • Issues executing jobs on the scheduler have been fixed.
  • Issues setting a default value for Processes field in Query forms have been solved.
  • Extended attributes defined in Bizagi Modeler are now visible on Studio, when importing models.
  • Email templates now support Application expressions for processes that belong to said application.
  • Start Timers are no longer disabled on error and will be retried every time the scheduler runs.
  • Improvements in rendering.
  • UI improvements for Theme Builder to easily identify the selected tab.
  • Several field alignments fixed in the Work Portal.
  • Required field validation is now supported for Search forms.
  • Improved Activity Map rendering, it now includes closed cases.
  • Issues with Perform Activity method have been fixed.
  • Replicated parameter entities are no longer manageable on the Entities Administration menu.
  • Reinforced security for Stakeholder searches to avoid unauthorized users from accessing cases.
  • Save Entity method from the SOA layer now supports linking Stakeholders with users.
  • Actions on Label-type controls are now supported.
  • A new key is available to disable timers on error.
  • Improved error messages for the first step of the Process Wizard, Model the Process.
  • Column names are now included when exporting grids.
  • Faster loading times for ECM controls.
  • Global Forms now support Actions that visually change controls, such as color changes.
  • The property Is asynchronous in Process Modeler is now shown exclusively for multiple sub-processes. This applies for its related properties as well: Retries, Retry interval, Show feedback, Timeout.
  • Issues with calculating elapsed time from creation date have been fixed.
  • Issues when changing forecolor for read only fields have been fixed.
  • We have reinforced security on cases to ensure that unauthorized users don't have access to them.
  • The display of lists in the Users Management window, in Admin menu, has been improved.
  • When invoking interfaces the Scope data is now considered.
  • Issues with permissions to share Query Forms between users have been fixed.
  • Exported Query forms sometimes showed more records on Excel than on the Work Portal.
  • We have reinforced security to avoid editing processes that have already been deployed to production. New versions must be created to edit them.
  • Sometimes there were problems when a new Live Process with delegated users was started.
  • The characters "<" and ">" are now supported for Email templates. UI
  • Validation Error messages displayed in the Work Portal were improved.
  • Controlling minimum values and maximum values is now supported for Date controls on the Android mobile app.
  • The following Grid properties were having problems and were fixed:
  • Vertical required field marker alignment
  • Forecolor changes with actions
  • Data filters
  • An error was fixed when users attempted to change their password and entered the current one wrong.
  • The typed username copied into the form when changing the user's password.
  • Issues displaying Tooltips when their messages were too long have been fixed.
  • The task details showed in the left panel of each Case had issues that were fixed
  • Customized Label size on forms not being set correctly has been fixed.
  • Copy From functionality was copying from the current activity instead of the chosen one.
  • Issues on changing Calendar font size have been fixed.
  • Issues loading the Forms Designer have been fixed.
  • Issues moving controls out of a panel inside a form are fixed.
  • Required field marker was misaligned.
  • Issues with Checkboxes display have been fixed.
  • Improvements for Theme Builder over background color and text color in tables.
  • Issues with Entity Management window displaying customized columns have been fixed.
  • Information for embedded sub-processes task state on Load Analysis (BAM) tab has been hidden.
  • Issues closing save changes window have been fixed.
  • When assigning XML elements values for integration purposes, Bizagi used to assign only the attribute value with no tags.
  • File type attributes are now being sent as an array, instead of sending the first element of the array.
  • An error will be shown to control adding a new record using Save Entity method to a Master Entity when an attribute related to a parameter entity whose value doesn't exist and business key enforcement is enabled.
  • When loading results from My Stuff or Searches some issues arose when those results were filtered with related entities. The issues have been fixed.
  • Chinese characters are now supported for XMLs for the SOA Layer
  • Issues on replicated entities when deploying are fixed.
  • When using the Save Entity method through the SOA layer with System Entities, an error message will be displayed.
  • Issues when creating a new user, they were automatically associated to a Stakeholder have been fixed.
  • Issues loading users on the Profiles Management window have been fixed.
  • Issues viewing changes on display name of a User Property have been fixed.
  • Issues with queries not including cases with active conditional events have been fixed.
  • Issues showing dates and times on the user’s time zone have been fixed
  • When a task has more than one allocated user and no owner yet, a string can be customized to mark these tasks and recognize them.
  • Fix on issues adding items with checkboxes to collection tables.
  • Issues editing expression names for those with no dependencies have been fixed.
  • Email templates format XPath values according to their data type.
  • There was a problem when trying to render My Stuff records, when the collection was an indirect collection with a multiple-multiple relationship.
  • Choice data type supported for integration.
  • Issues mapping attributes to interface causing integration failure have been fixed.
  • Delays on loading customized columns with location enabled have been fixed.
  • Issues loading attributes with intellisense on Email templates have been fixed.
  • Attributes on Entities management window that are related to other parameter entities are now filtered with combos.
  • Issues when using Strings with commas for integration have been solved.
  • Issues with Advanced deployment and Management Console have been fixed.
  • Issues passing Entity values into Production for managed Parameter entities have been fixed.
  • More stable scheduler.
  • Improved searches.
  • Better and faster rendering.
  • Improved Library rule deployment.
  • Asynchronous activities show gears working on the process’ task.
  • Faster activity loading.
  • French version now shows the time elapsed since the creation of the case.
  • Embedded sub-process’ tasks now support assigning work items to users.
  • New key is enabled to mark new case as favorite instead of having it marked favorite as default
  • Messages customized on the process modeler for when there are no pending tasks and customized messages for user confirmation are shown.
  • Issues creating new versions affecting user confirmation messages on the forms is fixed.
  • Raise intermediate error event method can be called from a sub-process
  • Sub-processes that double as processes won´t appear on Recent processes when started as a sub-process.
  • The following items had problems with localization that were fixed:
  • Custom columns in query forms
  • Dimensions in Graphical analysis
  • Right panel data
  • Activity log sometimes did not display the correct time
  • Loading icon got stuck under certain situations
  • Sometimes Users administration had problems when paged
  • Authorization changes sometimes did not have an immediate effect
  • Layouts were hard to configure in Forms designer
  • An error when filtering the results in entities administration was fixed
  • Some XPaths within email templates were not correctly evaluated
  • The message displayed when a user has no pending tasks in a case is improved
  • Issues in IE 11 with Printing form and Query forms are fixed
  • Some changes in Business keys configurations were lost when saving
  • Deployment error when having changed a parametric entity has been fixed.
  • Date format mismatch in BAM options has been fixed.
  • Upgrade to version 11.1 causing problems with holiday calendar configuration has been fixed.
  • Bizagi Studio erroneous validation for sequences' configuration has been fixed.
  • Some errors restricted updating a project from 11.0 to 11.1
  • An error was fixed that restricted the deployment of some entity values
  • Case comments where not correctly migrated from 11.0 to 11.1
  • Stakeholders were not being filtered correctly

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