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Robotic Process Automation with Bizagi

Integrate RPA with Deeper Process Orchestration

Deliver Real Digital Transformation with End-to-End Process Automation

Bizagi and RPA create a powerful end-to-end automation solution. While RPA handles repetitive tasks and data entry within a process, Bizagi connects your human workforce and your bots through intelligent end-to-end processes. Bizagi natively integrates with the leading RPA vendors, making it easy for you to rapidly connect your task automation with deeper process orchestration.

Gartner Magic Quadrant report
Why Bizagi & RPA Are Better Together
Learn about the 3 essential reasons to combine Bizagi and RPA in our new e-book. Download your copy to discover why:

  • Bizagi and RPA do different things
  • Bizagi helps you realize your RPA investment
  • End-to-end automation is the real goal

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    How Bizagi can help

    Bizagi delivers end-to-end process automation, orchestrating people, devices and things, e.g. bots

    RPA handles repetitive tasks and data entry within a process, e.g. new employee setup

    Process automation and RPA together deliver true Digital Process Automation

    Bizagi & RPA - Better Together

    Use Cases

    •   Customer On-boarding
    •   Excel Elimination
    •   Customer Service
    •   Month Close
    •   Order to Cash
    •   Candidate Sourcing

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