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increase in efficiency of service time


processes stat to '24 million transactions per month


hours freed per year in branches


reduced operational risk

Bancolombia used Bizagi to help combine their human, robotics, cognitive and analytic capacities to provide a superior customer experience. At the same time this automation can free human talent from repetitive tasks to better meet customer needs and ensure compliance.

Using Bizagi’s standard and Live Processes, the bank created over 1,700 processes and delivered enterprise-wide intelligent automation. Acting as an orchestrator, Bizagi has helped deliver information to accelerate the deployment of RPA and ensure robots are fully- functioning.

Bizagi provides a lot of knowledge and support… They are interested in helping us move forward using not only their application, but also in combining it with other capabilities such as robotics. "

Jorge Otalvaro

VP of Service Delivery & Operations


  •  Maintain position as a leading financial institution, setting trends in customer and employee experience
  •  Use Bizagi processes and Live Processes to automate core processes with various degrees of complexity
  •  Deliver intelligent automation with Bizagi and Automation Anywhere RPA
  •  Use Bizagi as orchestrator to unite business and identify opportunities for improvement
  •  Use intelligent automation to release employees from repetitive, manual tasks
  •  Reduce risk and increase compliance by automating data-based tasks


  •  Bizagi supports 24 million transactions per month
  •  Over 1,700 processes created and used by 25,000 employees.
  •  Core processes such as acquisition and maintenance were reduced from 3-6 months to approximately four hours
  •  8x less paperwork and email handling through automation
  •  35% of employees' time freed up to focus on analysis
  •  Automation in 700 branches has seen a 59% increase in efficiency of service time
  •  Over 515,000 hours freed per year in branches with front office automation
  •  Reduced operational risk by 28% by automating repetitive and manual tasks
  •  Business efficiency in the form of cost reduction, greater productivity and faster process completion