Modeler 3.4 – Exclusive Updates for Modeler Users

Modeler 3.4 – Exclusive Updates for Modeler Users

Modeler 3.4 is here! Learn about the fantastic new features we’re launching to give you the best process modeling experience.

Over the last few months the engineering team have been working hard to bring you some exciting new updates. We take your feedback very seriously, reading and re-reading all comments on our user forum so that we can continue to provide you with the best process modeling experience.

These are the latest features available in Modeler 3.4:


Vector Printing

First up, we have made some improvements to printing diagrams. We have enabled printing in high quality definition (vector printing). The new print preview screen offers a completely improved printing experience. We have also added a new option to print multiple diagrams at the same time.

bizagi modeler print feature


Freeze Milestones & Lanes

The next new feature will be very valuable to Modeler users who work on huge workflows. You can now freeze Milestones and Lanes, ensuring they remain visible as you scroll or zoom in on large diagrams.


Copy in One Click

Everyone wants to be more efficient, so we’re introducing a real time saver. You can now copy an entire diagram with just one click of a button. Properties, values and elements are all copied so you can quickly create new diagrams rather than having to start all over again.


Text Orientation

Ever wanted to choose between writing text horizontally or vertically? Well now you can! Through the Format tab you can edit the text orientation for Events, Gateways, Sequence flows and Artifacts.


Format Diagrams When Publishing to Word

There are some exciting changes to the publishing to Microsoft Word feature. Firstly, it is now possible to publish to Word and choose your desired formatting. You can now use the format of the Word template rather than the Modeler default style or publish with a custom style. Another improvement makes it possible to include the header of a table on each page, when the table breaks across pages.

There are a number of other publishing changes we have made:

  • Unnecessary blank lines in a published Word file have now been removed
  • Users can now arrange, move or delete elements from the final document in Word by using a new Template syntax to define styles and the document structure
  • Fields with no content, such as empty descriptions or attributes with no values, are no longer published
  • Only the roles included in the published process diagrams are exported in the RACI properties of elements and processes included in the Word publishing documentation

With all these new features and a number of improvements to existing features, we hope you agree, Modeler 3.4 delivers in key areas you have asked us to enhance.

For more details about what’s updated in Modeler 3.4, please review the release notes.

To get the latest version please download here.