What Can Source Selection Automation Do for You?

Gain Time Back for Strategic Agency Initiatives by Automating Source Selection and Contracts

Transform government procurement through Intelligent Automation. Our solution leverages AI, RPA, and other technologies to streamline, score, review, and ensure fair competition between vendors, leaving your agency with a seamless, compliant, and protest-proof procurement process.  

Accelerate efficiency

Automate submission scoring and proposal compliance. Integrate your source selection teams with your contract writing solution.

End-to-end workflow

Streamline the entire source selection process – from compliance checks to past performance scoring automate manual tasks.

Auditable, Protest-Proof Process

Bizagi’s solution enables agencies to standardize acquisition data, automate approvals, compliance checks, integrations, and routing, and evaluate vendors and respondents on a level playing field. Our process transparency ensures fair reviews and rewards for contracts.

Trusted by Government Agencies Worldwide

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Spanish government financial agency processed 80,000 online credit applications in its first 6 months for 140,000 SMBs

European Social Housing Corporation.png

Social hosing corporation saved 200,000 a year by optimizing the rental process on 60,000 homes


Colombian government ministry automated its water services subsidy process in just 10 days to support over 2 million residents in rural areas

US Workers’ Compensation Commission

Group digitized entire compensation claims process with automated scheduling of hearings taking minutes rather than up to two months


Automated permit processing time to take five days, rather than two months, supporting government mandate to increase job opportunities through a centralized marketplace, including applications available over mobile and SMS

Orchestrate mission-critical processes across your agency

Certified, Trusted, and Built to Meet the Toughest Compliance Standards