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Intelligent Process Automation

Smarter management, automation, and integration of business processes

Graphical data
Graphical data

Intelligent Process Automation

Smarter management, automation, and integration of business processes

What is Intelligent Process Automation (IPA)?

Intelligent process automation (IPA) refers to the bringing together of digital process automation, robotic process automation and artificial intelligence to manage, automate, and integrate business processes. The combination of these technologies ensures that the right data gets to the right place at the right time and facilitates end-to-end process automation.

What makes up IPA?

Robotic Process Automation

Robots perform manual tasks typically undertaken by humans, increasing the speed and accuracy of organizational processes.

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Digital Process Automation

Automation technologies manage the flow of data between humans and robots across the organization.

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Artificial Intelligence

Robots analyze the data and identify patterns, allowing more intelligent and more efficient decision making.

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Benefits of IPA

Process Efficiency

Larger amounts of data can be processed in a shorter timeframe leading to lower operating costs. adidas integrated their supply chain using Bizagi and reduced operational costs by 60%.

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Competitive Advantage

Staff spend less time completing manual tasks allowing them to focus their efforts on more important business objectives. Bancolombia freed over 515,000 hours per year in branch giving staff more time to meet customer needs.

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Data processing and storage maintain compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. AGFirst were able to create workflows that adapt to changing policies.

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Why choose Bizagi for your IPA journey?

Bizagi offers low code intelligent process automation software that enables you to orchestrate the people, information and systems within your organization to achieve more efficient, accurate and agile workflows.

"We connect a lot of systems together with Bizagi… it’s important to model the process first and then the online platform makes it more user friendly for our customers."

Senior Process Automation Manager, Global Manufacturing and Retail Customer

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