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Bizagi Launches Powerful New Features in Modeler 3.5

- The launch of Bizagi Modeler 3.5 incorporates new features as requested by the global Bizagi Community.

LONDON, 4th September 2019 – Bizagi, a leading provider of Intelligent process automation software enabling organizations to orchestrate people, applications, devices, information and robots on a global scale, today launched Modeler 3.5.

This is the latest release of Bizagi’s process modeling software, globally renowned for being the most powerful and intuitive in the market. This release brings some of the popular features from Bizagi’s Enterprise offering into the free product – helping more users to access the very best software features for process modeling.

The highlights of this release include:

  • Advanced search: Modeler users can easily find processes by searching for key words, not only in the process names, but also in the names of process elements and in the documentation properties.
  • Revision history: Continuous improvement is now even easier as Modeler users can view the history of changes history made to a process diagram and restore a revision into a working copy in order to revert to that moment in time.
  • Value chain: This feature helps companies to focus their efforts on the process that will add the most value. Users can also leverage this feature as a navigation tool to walk through the process hierarchy.
  • Visio and BPMN seamless interoperability: Several improvements have been implemented for interoperability with Visio and BPMN file formats. This includes automatic stencils association, support to extended attributes and improvements to process exporting.

“At Bizagi we pride ourselves in offering one of the most popular process modeling tools on the planet. In order to make it more powerful and intuitive than other software in the market we continuously innovate in both our free product and in the additional services that many users go on to purchase. By doing this we see more and more users go beyond process modelling to join over 1000 global companies who are successfully automating processes by leveraging Bizagi Studio and Bizagi Automation.” said CEO Gustavo Gomez.

For more information visit Bizagi’s website or contact Bizagi to speak to automation experts in your region. *Terms and conditions apply.

About Bizagi

Bizagi’s industry leading platform for intelligent process automation connects people, applications, robots and information. As the most business friendly and flexible solution on the market, Bizagi enables true collaboration between business and IT, delivering faster adoption and success. Fueled by a community of 1 million users, Bizagi powers over 1,000 organizations worldwide including adidas, BAE Systems and Old Mutual. For more information visit www.bizagi.com

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