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Bizagi's CEO Gustavo Gomez Named Colombia's Top IT Entrepreneur

Founder and CEO of Bizagi Recognized by the Colombian Association of Computer Scientists

LONDON, UK - November 4th, 2016

Bizagi today announced that CEO Gustavo Ignacio Gomez has been recognized as Colombia's Top IT Entrepreneur. This award from the Colombian Association of Computer Scientists (ACIS) shines a light on the work of Gomez and his partners in creating a global business serving 500+ enterprise customers and millions of users all around the world.

For Gomez, winning this award inspired a reflection on the lessons learned during his journey, and the advice he would share with today’s aspiring entrepreneurs. Two of his most interesting insights were these:

  • When building your team, you need people you can really trust. Ask yourself: “Would I leave these people with the responsibility of caring for my children if I was no longer here?”
  • Above all else, your product, your strategy, your leadership, “Never forget that first and foremost your responsibility is to make sure that the company never runs out of cash.”

The award comes at an exciting time for Bizagi, adding fuel to the fire behind the company’s continued success and growth. It of course represents an important personal achievement for Gomez.

"I have been inspired by my family and I am fully aware that without the constant support, company, enthusiasm and joy of my wife Sarah and our children Simon, Lauren and Matthew, none of this would have been possible." added Gomez


About Bizagi

Headquartered in the UK with operations across North America, Europe and Latin America, Bizagi is a global leader in digital process automation software. Bizagi helps ignite the digital transformation programs for more than 500 enterprise customers across 50 countries around the world, assisted by an international network of partners and a global community of over 500,000 process pioneers.

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