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Process Automation Platform as a Service

Bizagi Cloud is the most intuitive and flexible way to accelerate your digital initiatives across the enterprise.

- How it works -


Design process maps


Build process applications


Run Bizagi in the Cloud

Why Bizagi Cloud?

Fast ROI

With low start-up costs, no required infrastructure and by only paying for what you use Bizagi Cloud PaaS provides the fastest, most cost-effective route to value possible.

ROI with Bizagi


Designed for the most demanding enterprise needs, capable of handling mission-critical, high performance process automation projects spanning thousands of users and millions of cases.

Customer Success Stories


Built expertly for running on our Microsoft Azure-powered cloud platform – optimized for scalability, reliability and security

Bizagi Cloud Architecture

See Bizagi Cloud in action

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- Cloud Only Capabilities -

Artificial Intelligence

Use AI to delight customers, increase process speed and lower risk.

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Bizagi Sites

Customise the processes look and feel with Bizagi Sites.

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Live Processes

Enable business users to create low complexity processes directly within the production environment.

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- Bizagi Cloud Editions -

Accelerate your digital initiatives across your enterprise with Bizagi Cloud PaaS. Contact us for a no-hassle estimate.
For processes with low transaction volumes
Full functionality is available
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For processes with high transaction volumes
Full functionality is available
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Usage Based Pricing Explained
We offer extremely flexible usage-based pricing. Why? So that you’re in control. You only pay for what you use, and your cost is always connected to the value it offers your business irrespective of the number of users.

Not ready for the cloud? Take a look at Bizagi Automation to see if this is the right platform for you.

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