Duration: 5 days

Price: 600 USD


Learn Bizagi’s essential concepts to automate processes in an organization. Understand how to build a data model, forms, expressions to control the processes, and the assignments to define the performers of the process.The main objective of this course is to explain how to build an application using the BPM Bizagi Suite. We will follow the automation steps and review the associated concepts in order to understand how to automate processes using the Bizagi Suite.An application will be developed from beginning to end to explore the different functionalities, learn the potential of Bizagi and understand the essential concepts to automate processes.



  • Understand essential concepts of the Bizagi BPM Suite
  • Build the data model
  • Create the process forms (screens)
  • Build the expressions to control the process flow
  • Assign the performers for each activity in the processes




  • Basic concepts of Bizagi BPM Suite
  • The work portal and Bizagi Studio
  • The data model in Bizagi Studio
  • Forms creation
  • Validations
  • Expressions
  • Other functionalities: letters and notifications
  • Organization and assignments
  • Indicators


Recommended Audience

This course is aimed at professionals who are involved or interested in the development of BPM projects.

  • Process analysts
  • Process designers
  • BPM developers
  • This course is geared towards process automation and so the intended audience should be familiar with the use of office applications.


How it works


  • The online course is led by an expert consultant in Bizagi, allowing students to take classes from office or home
  • All half-day sessions of the course will be performed in 5 consecutive days
  • The instructor uses a web conferencing tool for the explanations
  • The exercises will be done using a cloud-based classroom environment that provides all the tools for process automation
  • The instructor can take control and review what the students are doing during hands-on labs
  • The number of participants will be limited