Duration: 4 days

Price: 600 USD


Learn the concepts of operation, administration and maintenance of a Bizagi implementation. Also understand how to troubleshoot frequent problems associated with the platform and application execution.



  • Identify the different types of architectures supported by Bizagi in a production environment
  • Identify the main and essential components of a Bizagi solution
  • Use the Bizagi management console to configure parameters and variables associated with each one of the environments that integrate the deployment cycle
  • Publish the processes required from the development to other environments that integrate the deployment cycle
  • Improve and update the processes required from the development to other environments that integrate the deployment cycle
  • Diagnose and correct the most common errors that can present themselves in Bizagi implementation solutions
  • Learn the correct procedure to report errors that occur at the product level using the Web Support portal
  • Configure and use the customized authentication




  • Architectures of implementation in Bizagi.
  • General concepts about Bizagi BPM and their main components: infrastructure for a Bizagi Project
  • Operation of the management console: administration users, organization, parameters, and SMTP
  • Authentication schemes configuration
  • Administration of users and synchronization of information with LDAP systems
  • Deployment
  • Second deployment
  • Security module in the Web application
  • Customized authentication
  • Web application troubleshooting
  • Bizagi Database Maintenance: traces in the data level
  • FAQ and Bizagi technical support and online documentation


Recommended Audience

This course is aimed at professionals who are involved and interested in the administration of a Bizagi solution.

  • Database administrator
  • Administrators of operational systems


How it works


  • The online course is led by an expert consultant in Bizagi, allowing students to take classes from office or home
  • All half-day sessions of the course will be performed in 4 consecutive days
  • The instructor uses a web conferencing tool for the explanations
  • The exercises will be done using a cloud-based classroom environment that provides all the tools for process automation
  • The instructor can take control and review what the students are doing during hands-on labs
  • The number of participants will be limited