Rigorous security and compliance are top priority in today’s business environment. Bizagi is committed to ensuring its services meet and exceed security, privacy, and compliance standards to ensure your business operates safely. Additional security, privacy, performance, and reliability improvements are delivered with each release, which makes staying current a business imperative.


Bizagi Automation Services, Studio Cloud Services and Modeler Services

For Bizagi Automation Services, Studio Cloud Services (SCS), and Modeler Services, Bizagi provides technical support for 18 months after the general availability (GA) date of each release. After 18 months, that version will reach its end of support (EOS) date and will no longer be supported by Bizagi or receive additional patches or updates.

For example, Bizagi Automation PaaS version 12.0 became generally available in March 2022, and Bizagi will support and patch it until the end of September 2023.

*We have extended our EOS dates to aid the Move to our Bizagi Cloud Platform (PaaS) processes. 



GA Date

EOS Date

Automation Service and SCS Spring 2024 May 2024 November 2025
Automation Service and SCS Fall 2023* October 2023 October 2025
Automation Service and SCS Spring 2023* March 2023 March 2025
Automation Service and SCS Fall 2022* September 2022 September 2025
Automation Service and SCS Spring 2022* March 2022 March 2025
Automation Service and SCS 11.2.5* May 2021 September 2024
Automation Service 11.2.4 and earlier October 2020 December 2022 
Bizagi Modeler 4.0 July 2022 July 2025
Bizagi Modeler 3.X September 2021 March 2023 

For information about versions visit our Release notes


On-premises services

For Automation Server and Bizagi Studio on-premises, when a version reaches End of Life (EOL), no further technical support is provided.

The following table summarizes the EOL dates for current Bizagi on-premises versions:


EOL Date

Automation Server 11 December 31, 2022
Bizagi BPM Suite 10 & Bizagi Xpress 10 March 31, 2022
Bizagi 9 August 31, 2014
Bizagi 8 August 31, 2010

Support for minor versions of the product

As part of the effort to continuously improve software, Bizagi generates updates and fixes for the different product versions, which are published as minor product versions. To continue receiving support, it is required that the latest minor version of the product is installed.

For example, if a client has version 11.0 installed and the latest minor version available is 11.1, when an incident is registered on our support site and it requires the generation of a product fix, such fix will be generated for version 11.1, for which it is required for the customer to install the latest minor version available to solve the incident that was registered.


Notification of changes

Product version EOL and EOS dates are published on this website (www.Bizagi.com) and are available at least 12 months in anticipation. Bizagi reserves the right to change these dates at any time and with no prior notice. We may notify changes to the EOL dates via email, however, the official EOL dates are those published on this page. We encourage you to visit this page regularly to be updated on the latest EOL dates for Bizagi product versions.