Why PaaS Should Be Your Technology of Choice for Application Development

What is PaaS? 

PaaS (Platform as a Service) is a third-party cloud computing service that delivers the infrastructure and middleware required for application development and management.


What is the difference between on-prem, IaaS, PaaS and SaaS? 

On-premise is installed on the servers of the business using the software. This approach does have its benefits, it’s highly customizable and you have complete control over data security, however it comes with high up-front costs (licensing, installation etc.) and requires a lot of maintenance from your IT team. Choosing an on-premise solution can also make scaling slow and expensive. 

IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) provides access to cloud-hosted infrastructure including servers, storage and networking. This approach offers a similar level of control over operating systems as on-prem but at lower up-front costs and is easier to scale up or down dependent on business needs. 

PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) provides a framework for developers to develop and deploy applications. Networking, storage and middleware are managed by the provider so users can focus on the data and applications that will benefit the business rather than the implementation and upgrades of the platform. 

SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), like PaaS, is hosted in the cloud and accessed via the internet rather than downloaded or installed. Although this option offers faster time-to-value as the application is already configured and comes at a lower cost than other models, this approach means that the vendor has complete control, doesn’t allow for customization and can raise questions over security.


Benefits of PaaS vs On-Premise 

Lower total cost of ownership 

As the platform is managed by the vendor there are no ongoing costs to your business for infrastructure, maintenance, and upgrades. Training costs are also reduced as citizen developers can start building applications without needing to train in development skills. 

Less administrative effort 

As a PaaS is accessed via the internet and therefore does not require extensive time and effort to set up it reduces the burden on your IT team. This allows them to focus on collaborating with business users on developing the applications required by your business to drive it forward.  

Delivers faster time-to-value 

With no need for set up, PaaS allows developers to get started on building applications straight away. This means that the business benefits of these applications such as productivity gains and improved agility will be realised quicker and create a more positive experience for your employees and customers.  

Access to new features  

The latest features are made available to users via managed upgrades always giving your team access to the newest and best version of the platform.  

Greater collaboration 

Business and IT can define requirements using a visual language and build solutions together on one platform.  

Increased agility  

The visual interface of a PaaS allows users to make and deploy changes to applications quickly allowing them to keep up with customer, competitor and market changes.


Benefits of Bizagi PaaS 

Low-code process automation 

Convert business processes into model-driven applications in a visual development interface without the need for code.  

Native Azure PaaS vs. virtual machines (VMs) 

Get automatic upgrades so your IT team don’t have to spend time manually configuring the latest versions in virtual machines.  

Cloud-native PaaS vs. on-premises deployment 

Reduce initial expenditure and spread the cost of your investment over the course of your subscription. 

Integration and orchestration 

Bizagi’s integration layer enables you to connect multiple data sources and applications via pre-built, native or bespoke connectors and APIs. 

Consumption-based pricing 

Our consumption-based pricing model charges based on usage with no limitations on the number of users and apps covered by your subscription.  

Reliability and security 

Our 99.9% uptime and built-in redundancy and failover ensures that business applications are always available. Comprehensive data security and privacy features ensure that everything within your applications is only accessible to those that need it. 


Visit our Platform page for a deeper dive into the Bizagi platform.