Bizagi Modeler: Always Free, Always Needed, Especially Right Now During the Coronavirus Pandemic


Bizagi Modeler is, and always has been, free for everyone. As are the process templates and fantastic online training videos that will help you get started. This post is a reminder that you can use these popular process tools to help your organization through unprecedented times, at zero cost.  

So how can Bizagi Modeler help you? Bizagi stands for ‘Business Agility’. That name could not be more relevant than it is today. Right now organizations across the globe are finding new ways to work and building structure into their business where it was lacking. These efforts are being driven by a number of important goals:

-Creating new processes for staff to be able to work from home

-Redesigning supply chains in response to new levels of demand

-Communicating processes to a suddenly dispersed workforce in a simple way 

-Reducing dependency on individuals to make decisions through business rules 

-Creating processes to give guidance to staff about how to work and stay healthy

-Re-thinking processes to reduce costs and help the business to stay afloat 

-Eliminating risk by putting agreed processes in place before new events unfold   


FREE process templates that could help your organization respond 

Visit the Bizagi Xchange where you can download and then customize ready-made process templates for a variety of key processes, or start from a blank sheet. Here are several important process templates for operations that we know organizations are struggling with right now: 

-Help Desk

Onboarding and offboarding 

-Access Management 

-Contract Management 

-Emergency Room  

These are just a few processes, but the possibilities are endless and you will have process requirements right now that are unique to your organization. People have designed processes to manage hospitals, banking, supply chains, cleaning contracts and so much more. Bizagi Modeler is easy to use and get started so give it a try! 


FREE training materials you can use right now 

To help you learn how to use Bizagi Modeler we have comprehensive online training courses that take you through how to use it step by step. These are free and used by many thousands of people every year across the globe.



Download Bizagi Modeler to get started 


Over 1000 people download Bizagi Modeler every day. Join the community of millions worldwide using it to design new ways to work, especially in response to the crisis that we all face together right now.