5 HR Process Automation Templates You Can Use Right Now

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HR managers spend 14 hours each week on tasks that could be automated. This time could be better spent finding, attracting and keeping the best people in your industry happy in their jobs so that they perform at their optimum level with HR process automation.

Bizagi’s free process templates make it easy for you to automate day-to-day tasks that are a necessity but a drain on your time in the HR department.  Here are five HR processes that you can automate:

1. Recruitment

If you want your organization to succeed, you need top talent on your team. Finding people with the right combination of skills, and experience to fill a vacancy can be a tough job, including co-ordinating the multiple people and involved in the selection process.

The Bizagi recruitment process model maps out the job vacancy advertisement and selection process to make recruitment more efficient and eliminate unnecessary administration. This allows you to easily access applicants’ information and automate interview scheduling and follow-ups with candidates, as well as gathering information from aptitude tests. You can then spend less time coordinating information and focus on identifying the best candidates to strengthen your business.

2. Onboarding

Once you have identified and recruited your candidate, the next step is onboarding. The sooner you can get new employees onboarded, the sooner they can begin to add value to your organization. If you have already deployed the recruitment process detailed above, you can launch the Bizagi onboarding process as soon as recruitment is finished.

The Bizagi Onboarding process app embeds a formal process flow to ensure that important services and assets are delivered in time for the employee’s start date. As part of this, you can automate the distribution of legal documents that need to be signed by the new starter, connect with IT to ensure the new starter has access rights on the network and lay out an activity plan for the first week. This way, you can rest reassured that your new starter will hit the ground running.

3. Offboarding

The departure of a staff member is an equally important process to execute properly. The Bizagi offboarding process can automate essential steps in the processes, including termination of pay, removing the employee from health care and pension services, canceling access rights, and more.

By deploying the Bizagi offboarding template, you can ensure your offboarding process is as tight as your onboarding one. This way you have complete control over all the necessary tasks to ensure the best experience for both HR and the departing employee.

4. Travel Requests

The need for your employees to travel brings with it requests, approvals, budgets, and expenses. Both the travel itself and any accommodation that’s required as part of the trip can be managed with the Bizagi travel request process, which brings visibility and traceability to the employee request, including bookings and advances.

Using Bizagi, the employee can request a trip by defining the departure city and date, and the arrival city as well as any accommodation requirements. Once a request has been made, it goes to their line manager for approval and the administrative department for booking and execution. Finally, the employee can report on all expenses once the trip is complete.

This simple yet effective process enables HR and line managers to keep a tight control over travel and expense requests, complete with reports ensuring everything adheres to company policy.

5. Vacation Leave

Automating this workflow means that it easy for employees and their line managers to keep track of how much of their annual leave allowance has been used.

The Bizagi vacation leave process starts when any employee submits a vacation request. Once received by the immediate supervisor, who must approve or reject the request, the request undergoes a final review by the Human Resources Department and automatically updates your payroll system. You can customize this template also take into account regional variations.

45% of HR managers think automation will make their job a lot better in the future, so why not make that thought a reality with Bizagi? You can download all templates of all these process models from the Bizagi Xchange for free. Templates are fully customizable, so they are fully adaptable to your exact requirements.