Composability: Building Blocks for Accelerated App Development

Organizations are under increasing pressure to respond rapidly to new opportunities and keep up with any market disruptions. To do this, they need the ability to build applications that can pivot to quickly meet the changing needs of customers and employees using their existing resources.


What is composability?  

Composability is a software development methodology that allows developers to create components and use as building blocks to create an application. These components can be reconfigured and customized to create applications that meet specific user requirements.


Principles of composability  

Gartner lists the four principles of composable business as: modularity, autonomy, orchestration and discovery.  

Modularity refers to the extent to which an application can be divided into separate modules. This gives organizations the flexibility to reconfigure components to create solutions for different requirements. 

Autonomy refers to each component being self-contained and able to operate independently from one another. This enables the development of new applications without disrupting existing processes. 

Orchestration refers to how suitable components are for integration with other software and the governance of them.  

Discovery refers to how accessible components are to other teams and how easy it is for them to determine how they could use them in their own development efforts.


Benefits of composability in application development: 

- Speed up development 

Businesses need to create applications fast in order to optimize their operations and keep up with the competition. Reusing components to build solutions for different use cases rather than starting from scratch enables faster development and shortens the time to market. 

- Enable citizen developers to build applications without relying on IT 

IT are often burdened with support requests, executing software updates and governing other departments’ projects, limiting the time to dedicate to developing new applications. Components built by professional developers can be reused by those with less technical knowledge to build solutions that meet the needs of their area of the business.  

- Maintain quality and security standards 

The rise in citizen development is helping organizations meet the increasing demand for enterprise applications. But these applications need to meet specific functional requirements and security protocols to serve their purpose. Having a library of pre-approved components ensures that new applications meet specifications and are usable from the start.   

- Boost agility 

Market uncertainty and world events have meant that agility has fast become a necessary skill for businesses. Reusable components and faster app development allow organizations to create solutions in response to changing demands both inside and outside of the business. 

- Increase scalability 

The ability to scale up operations quickly when necessary is key to business success. Composability allows organizations to expand the reach of applications faster as components are easily integrated with other applications, provisioning time is reduced and overhead costs are lowered making scaling achievable in a shorter timeframe.

- Govern access

Manage users' access and edit rights to components to ensure that development is scaled securely.

- Reduce inefficiencies and duplication of work 

When users have access to a library of reusable components that can be used to create a bespoke solution that meets their needs, development time is shortened and the same elements aren’t being built twice.  

- Cost savings 

Managing rising costs is top of mind for many organizations and IT teams are being asked to ‘do more with less’. The ability to reuse components to build applications for different needs across the business and reduce spend on specialist developers to meet demand enables cost reductions in IT and beyond.


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