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Release notes Bizagi Studio

Version 11.1 Release date:June 5, 2017 Check latest updates
New features
Deploy to Bizagi Cloud
New possibility which allows you to create deployment packages (.bex files) to be applied directly into Bizagi Cloud environments.
Oracle 12c support
Build your processes while using an Oracle 12c database.
SQL 2016 support
Build your processes while using an SQL Server 2016 Microsoft database.
SharePoint Online support
Bizagi now supports SharePoint Online for Bizagi Web parts
New option in the One-click Deployment, which allows you to apply into the test environment those system parameters’ values as used in production (ignoring the definitions incoming from the development environment).
New functions in the rules API (CHelper class) that promote best practices: getUsersForPosition, getUsersForRole, and getUsersForSkill work by using the name of the record to find, instead of an ID (those using ID become deprecated).
General improvements for: the theme builder, email integration, Studio security, document templates, SharePoint web parts, federated authentication.
Autotesting tool available and supporting the execution scenarios for processes using a broader set of BPMN elements (such as timers).
The rules engine now smartly analyzes variants of Me.Context expressions to automatically identify references accurately.
  • Multiple adjustments on Experience design actions and its action launcher control, including handling scenarios with images and sub-processes.
  • Query forms which contained a suggest control were having problems in execution.
  • Shortcuts for saved Query forms were not being properly displayed.
  • Certain special characters inputted in controls were not allowing Query forms to save changes.
  • Case number and case link information were not being displayed in emails (CaseNumber and CaseLink respectively).
  • Files uploaded within UI tables were not being sent in emails.
  • Multiple adjustments for tables in emails (both for static and dynamic tables).
  • Global forms were not being displayed while reviewing closed cases.
  • The Entities admin option was shown with empty information whenever access was not granted (now resolved so that it isn’t available).
  • Events were not displaying the UI when clicking on them.
In the 11.0 version the following features are not available.
  • In Deployment the option Check metadata is no longer available
  • Due to underlying improvements in Bizagi’s data model, where a new database catalog was introduced, the option to generate the scripts to deploy is no longer available.
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