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Webinare und Events

Webinare und Events

How To Leverage CoronaPass To Reopen Your Business Safely


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Join Bizagi’s CEO, Gustavo Gomez, and Laurie Sinnet, as they unveil a solution that will enable companies to minimize the risk of re-opening by leveraging CoronaPass. They will walk you through the application’s interface, explain the underlying technology, and teach you why it could be a game-changer for business.

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Cognitive Business Automation




Bizagi are proud sponsors of Cognitive Business Automation! This event focuses on the process of Data Driven Business to RPA to Cognitive Business Automation! The Cognitive Business Automation (CBA) is we.CONECT’s annual, cross-industry forum dedicated to providing precise insights into new technical innovation and to discuss business benefits of RPA, AI, Intelligent Automation and impact on business strategies. The conference provides a European knowledge exchange platform bringing together the top experts in the field, providing a unique glimpse into the fascinating world of intelligent automation. Bizagi will present the latest trends in Intelligent Process Automation on the main stage.

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Intelligent Automation World Summit

Intelligent Automation Network



Bizagi are proud sponsors of Intelligent Automation World Summit! This event focuses on Integrated Automation Platforms – Automation Discovery – AI Analytics– Intelligent Decision Making – Transformation of Robotics. Join the leading international AI & RPA practitioners in Berlin and learn the digital vision and strategies put into place at 60+ companies displaying how they take their intelligent automation journey. The focus is on real use cases! Bizagi will host two roundtables.

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