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Largest agricultural lender in US delivers
first process in 16 weeks; subsequent agile processes implemented in 25% of the time.
97% of loans now analyzed within required timescales.
About AgFirst
AgFirst is part of the national Farm Credit System, the largest agricultural lending organization in the United States. With assets of more than $27 billion, AgFirst provides funding and financial services to 19 farmer-owned financial cooperatives in 15 eastern states and Puerto Rico.
Our decision to choose Bizagi was a strategic move to deliver agility within changing market conditions. Above all we wanted to be able to create solutions in a short amount of time. Bala Sivankoil, Director of Application Development, AgFirst
Best practice:
  • Don’t take the vendor’s word they can do the job: insist on a BPM POC
  • Appoint an expert from the vendor’s team to work on site
  • Recognize that BPM acceptance requires big cultural changes
  • Make time to walk stakeholders through the BPM system
  • Recognize and prepare for end-user feedback before you go live
  • Be upfront about how much stakeholder time you need
AgFirst’s challenge was not to build different systems, but to deliver a solution based on the core business logic and workflow that could be quickly adapted to the needs of its other 19 Associations.

As a result, AgFirst launched an initiative to find an enterprise-class platform to deliver robust and reusable business processes. Utilizing agile methodology and leading-edge process automation, AgFirst now has a responsive, mobile DPA platform capable of adapting to its customers’ changing needs. Additional benefits include the efficiency of loan analysis which saw them close cases 60% faster than expected.
  • Replace existing InfoPath legacy system with enterprise-level software
  • Create consistent loan-related processes and workflows for 45+ staff
  • Process more loans without increasing headcount
  • Implement baseline metrics to monitor & improve process performance
  • Deliver a mobile BPM solution to staff working remotely
  • Reuse and modify existing solutions to meet needs of other Associations
  • 1st process delivered in 16 weeks; subsequent processes 75% faster
  • Cases closed on average in 12.5 days, 60% faster than expected
  • 97% of loans analysed within expected timescales
  • 100% information requests made by Loan Approvers completed on time
  • Ability to view, approve and update processes and workflows from any mobile device
  • Reuse & "self-documenting" system creates fast development cycles
  • Agile workflows immediately reflect changes to policies, such as changing dollar thresholds for compliance
  • Intuitive process modeling tools promote improved business/IT collaboration

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