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properties a year let faster


a year saved


days less to house people in need

The social housing organization controls rent for around 60,000 affordable homes and due to increasing regulation, processes were becoming increasingly complicated.

They used Bizagi to optimize their renting process - offboarding and subsequent onboarding of tenants into property as well as repairs, maintenance and credit checks. By creating clear workflows, the organization not only improved their data visibility and property management, but also housed people in need an average of two days faster and saved up to €200,000 a year.

Now we can retrieve information from systems and display them in an orderly manner with an automatic save based on a step-in workflow, which is therefore less error-prone and contributes to the data quality."


  • Gain deeper insight into the renting process
  • Improve employee and customer satisfaction
  • Enable better reporting and data control options
  • Unite all the parties involved in the rental process


  • Improved management with clear prioritization and better vacancy management
  • Sped up time to let on 3,000 properties a year, saving around €200,000
  • Housed people in need an average of 2 days faster
  • Increased efficiency and speed of internal communications – mail sent via workflow with clear process agreements
  • Better data quality and reporting with clear insight into future action points