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Auto-rejection of loans saves time for loan advisors

Luminor is the largest bank in the Baltic States. The bank was looking to optimize its private lending process to save money and impress customers. This required a transformation of the way it used customer data for lending decisions. The team wanted to simplify the customer experience by requesting as little information as possible and enriching their data using external systems. To do this, they needed to integrate those new data sources with their internal systems. Luminor also wanted to minimize work for lending advisors and speed up the process by hosting information in a central system, rather than relying on Excel spreadsheets.

Bizagi now acts as a centralized platform to store all Luminor’s information, making the process far more efficient. Bizagi automatically creates sales opportunities for new loans in the CRM and provides an overview of income and liabilities, such as any payment defaults, so lending advisors don’t need to consult external systems to determine if they are a good loan candidate. Additionally, Bizagi automatically rejects 40% of loan applications that do not meet the pre-defined criteria, saving advisors time and allowing them to concentrate on more eligible loan candidates.

“The Bizagi UI portal is excellent. We don’t need to invest time in building content because everything is already done. The local platform is easy to maintain and everything is effectively structured so you know where to find the information that you are looking for.”

Vaiva Laucyte,

Team Lead for Business Process Automation


  • Optimize processes to save money and improve customer experience
  • Integrate external and internal systems
  • Optimize private loans process
  • Request the least amount of information from customers as possible
  • Track historical data and performance for audit purposes
  • Enable daily updates of data used in decision making


  • Integrated internal and external systems
  • Centralized platform for overview of information
  • 40% of loan applications automatically rejected
  • Reduced workload for lending advisors
  • Faster lending decisions through automated data gathering