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  • American Healthcare Savings Administrator
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faster case resolution


processes automated in first year


reusable modeling capabilities

A leading healthcare administrator was looking for process improvement opportunities to make improve productivity and improve business efficiency. Using a Business Process Automation Center of Excellence (COE), they captured and analysed the current state of business processes in Bizagi before eliminating waste and streamlining workflows to empower the business with automation.

Taking an agile approach, they saw significant improvements across the organization with their award-winning initiative, with 15 automated processes and 50 reusable modeling capabilities in their COE. Bizagi enabled complete process visibility and orchestrated technology and the human workforce to deliver 75% faster case resolution.

Bizagi really helps you to get started, map a process and learn from the data… then you can leverage the team, ask them how you can make it better and continually improve."

Director of Continuous Improvement


  • Capture current state of business to identify areas for improvement
  • Empower business with automation
  • Orchestrate technology and human workforce for connected approach
  • Enable agile approach to work with reusable processes
  • Create transparency and auditability across workflows


  • Live deployment for 15 automated processes
  • Creation of over 50 reusable modeling capabilities in COE
  • Case duration reduced by 75% in two months
  • Agile backlog to manage workload and coordinate team performance
  • End-to-end visual representation of work
  • Winner of 2019 CEO Award from parent company