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Financial Services

Old Mutual

Old Mutual bank makes branch queues nine times shorter and sees 15% NPS increase with process automation

Financial Services

Old Mutual

Old Mutual bank makes branch queues nine times shorter and sees 15% NPS increase with process automation


increase in Net Promoter Score


quicker customer onboarding time


shorter queues in branch


transactions per second

Old Mutual embarked on a business transformation initiative with one aim: to put the customer first.

The first step of this was to expand its branch footprint from 70 to over 300. However, one of the key constraints of this was the reliance on highly trained and experienced branch service staff. These staff needed to understand over 500 product variations, with over 10,000 product or business rules stored across 11 systems with 1,000 different work types/processes. Training of resources took in the region of 9 months. This was a major financial barrier to expansion.

Bizagi were commissioned with the challenge – to establish a standardised front-end platform that housed all the complexity in the system as opposed to workers’ heads. The target was to have a training period of 10 days after which a recruit would be able to provide superior service to customers.

In addition, Bizagi also built in opportunities to identify sales or retention of value into the service processes. This meant that branches transformed from transactional centres to value-based relationship centres, improving experience, increasing efficiency and uplifting revenues.

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Customer Experience rules the globe in corporate boardrooms, but only a handful convert this strategy into real business operations.. Bizagi can simultaneously improve the ‘Big Three’: CX, retention & upsell."

Lorelei Jensen, Head of Strategic Business Solutions

  • Accelerate delivery of a “360 customer view” across all channels for branch staff to improve customer experience
  • Empower sales advisors to provide a consistent service and advice on the spot
  • Leverage customer insight and data analytics to better recommend relevant products
  • Integrate with digital technologies to ensure communication is delivered through the media of customer’s choice (e.g. email, SMS)
  • Further improve customer retention and business revenue from cross-sell and leads
  • Drive efficiencies in the back office through RPA technology deployment
  • Branch wait time nine times shorter for 15,000 customers a day
  • Point of conflict resolution improved by 30% as integrated systems provide staff with a holistic view of both customers and services available
  • Onboarding time 10x quicker to better serve customers and win more new business
  • Reduction in new staff training from 9 months to 10 days through integration
  • Uplift in sales from service (30-300%)
  • NPS improved by 15% with consistent and improved customer experience across all channels
  • Bizagi supports 3,000 transactions per second and over a million process steps per month
  • Reduction in FTE headcount for back office administration

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