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Agile Methodology for Process Automation

Energize. Empower. Expand.
Ignite your transformation program with Bizagi Spark

Say goodbye to rigid project deployments, hello to agile methodology.
Bizagi Spark is a tried-and-tested approach proven to deliver
business value in just 7 weeks.
Top down or bottom up, your strategy is our strategy. Over 500 organizations worldwide
have achieved stand-out process automation success with Bizagi Spark.
Start small, think big, scale fast. It's that simple.

We can help you select the right first process to energize your process automation program, empower your
organization and expand your initiative to deliver long-term value.
Using Spark methodology, Bizagi and EY helped Anida deploy 12 admission processes in 19 weeks, 5 weeks less than expected. Two years later, 42 processes are fully automated and used by nearly 1,000 employees. Alberto Serfaty, Senior Manager Performance Improvement, EY
From project to program - in three simple steps:
"QuickStart" your process automation program. Working with you, we'll select the right business process to deliver first. Gain confidence as you set tasks, deliverables and training and see results in just 7 weeks, which will help instil confidence in process automation.
Our OnTarget implementation methodology will make it easy to establish process automation best practice and replicate your QuickStart success across new areas of your business. Enjoy expanding your process automation know-how and define your competence group to gain traction quickly.
With all the tools, structures and people in place, you can start aligning the process automation roadmap to your business strategic drivers. We'll be with you every step of the way as you progress to establish a global Shared Service using our proven COE model.
If you've got the drive, we'll deliver the value. Ignite your process automation program with Bizagi Spark today.

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