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Understand how to build custom Bizagi applications to support the work of different types of users, in particular, knowledge workers, who face unpredictable and flexible work. 

This course presents all the concepts and functionalities to build Bizagi applications for the identified user groups, personas, explaining how to generate an application from the Experience Matrix, customize these using the App Designer, and thus generate completely intuitive user interfaces according to the user's work.




  • Understand the benefits of Bizagi applications to offer a personalized experience to different types of users.
  • Learn how to empower knowledge workers to develop their work through Bizagi applications.
  • Understand the essential and advanced concepts to build Bizagi applications.
  • Learn how to identify the basic elements of Bizagi Apps, such as people, business objects, and interactions.
  • Learn how to build unique experiences in an application using the Experience Matrix.
  • Recognize and understand the different functionalities and options to customize an application using the App Designer.
  • Learn how to potentiate Bizagi applications with the use of reports to facilitate decision-making by decision-makers. 
  • Understand other controls to display different ad hoc options in processes such as the Action launcher.




  • Personas
  • Experience Matrix
  • Interactions
  • App Generation
  • App Designer
  • Data injection
  • Publishing Apps
  • Action launcher


Recommended Audience

This course is aimed at professionals who are involved and interested in the development of Digital Transformation and automation projects. 

  • Process builders
  • Developers

This course is geared towards process automation; therefore, the intended audience should be familiar with the use of office applications.



Process Automation 1


How it works


  • The course is led by an expert consultant in Bizagi
  • All sessions of the course will be performed in consecutive days
  • The exercises will be done using an environment that provides all the tools for process automation
  • The instructor can review what the students are doing during hands-on labs
  • The number of participants will be limited


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