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Enhesa to Streamline Quotation Process with Bizagi BPMS

Enhesa, the global environmental, health and safety consultancy, has chosen Bizagi in a bid to streamline the quotation process for its business development and consulting teams.

Washington, DC and Brussels, Belgium – November 9th, 2015

Enhesa Contracts Manager, William Bell

The firm will use Bizagi to tackle this initial quote creation procedure. If successful, Bizagi BPMS will lead the way for continuous business process improvement. So far, Enhesa’s Sales Team has praised the ease-of-use and online support provided by Bizagi Modeler.

The new process will replace a series of Excel spreadsheets and remove the reliance on email. Quotations will pass seamlessly through the business, capturing relevant data, authorizations and documents.

"Our internal processes were often hard to find so we began the search into a BPM system to help us manage and document them more efficiently,” said Contracts Manager, William Bell. “The quotation process seemed like the best opportunity to test Bizagi’s capabilities as the internally developed system was difficult to use and disliked by users."

After Enhesa took advantage of the complimentary Bizagi Modeler download – which is available on Bizagi.com – they went on to design their process models and subscribed to the Bizagi online support package to overcome any future challenges.

Bizagi CEO, Gustavo Gomez, shared:

"We’re pleased to have Enhesa on board. This is a classic example of how to solve a business issue quickly. I look forward to hearing more about Enhesa’s future process performance efforts using Bizagi Suite."


About Enhesa

ENHESA is the market leader in global environmental, health and safety compliance assurance providing support to businesses worldwide. We leverage our unique knowledgebase utilizing our in-house team of over 75 dedicated EHS regulatory analysts from more than 40 different countries to provide insights and analysis regarding EHS regulatory developments from around the world. Enhesa provides this key regulatory intelligence for over 200 jurisdictions around the world in both an easy to understand and utilize manner.

About Bizagi

Bizagi offers an intuitive, yet flexible BPM platform that powers $10bn transactions for 500+ enterprise customers worldwide. Bizagi disrupted the BPM market with its risk-free model and an agile methodology that delivers the first process into production in just 7 weeks: an approach that explains Bizagi’s 100% project success rate. Bizagi is headquartered in the UK with offices in Europe, Latin America and the US, supported by a worldwide partner network.

Media information:

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