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Artificial Intelligence with Bizagi

How to build AI into your processes

What is the role of Artificial Intelligence in business operations?

AI is fast becoming an important source of competitive advantage. Today organizations use it to improve the speed and quality of decision making by unlocking strategic insights from a wealth of data, then automating intelligent processes. For many, AI has the potential to act as a navigation system for an organization, increasing the speed and quality of decisions to drive business growth.

Practical use-cases for AI in common process applications include:

  •   Increase process speed by suggesting various next-best actions based on intelligence
  •   Analyze large data sets to understand behaviours and suggest probability of outcomes
  •   Detect fraud or increase the accuracy of risk assessments by drawing on large data sets

How Bizagi can help

Intelligent process automation - Out-of-the box artificial intelligence and machine learning features designed for the business user, allowing organizations to easily apply predictive analytics across all business processes to improve decision making and customer service outcomes.

Speed up your decision making

Unlock business insights from your data

Improve the quality of decisions over time

Artificial Intelligence
Decision Making
Predictive Analytics
Machine Learning

Use Cases

  •   Data Security
  •   Financial Trading
  •   Patient Care
  •   Fraud Detection
  •   Predictive Maintenance

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