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 faster pricing approval


hours to onboard new customer 


of delivery SLAs met

CBC, the Central American Bottling Corporation, exports beverages to over a billion people around the world. As business constantly making acquisitions, CBC needed technology to support integration to standardize operations. They required a platform to provide transparency, consistency, and security to business processes. Automation capabilities enable CBC to improve efficiency and maintain a competitive edge in areas such as pricing, promotions, order management and dispatching.

CBC has mapped and automated 17 key business processes. These are centralized and orchestrated through Bizagi, providing visibility and audit trails to prove compliance and enable reporting. Bizagi's mobile app has improved efficiency by allowing authorizations and information uploads in the field. This has reduced SLAs and supported Mom & Pop independent retailers with faster onboarding and delivery times. Their pricing and promotions process is now 12x faster, delighting CBC's customers and helping them to remain competitive. Additionally, shared services payments are authorized through Bizagi, ensuring compliance and security.

There are numerous more technical achievements, but if you ask everyone across the business what the biggest benefit has been, it’s that ability to interact with the process from their mobile phone."  

Rafael Bardales Duarte,



  • Standardize operations to support business growth and acquisitions
  • Provide better visibility into over 200 million transactions a year
  • Accelerate and orchestrate the pricing and promotion process
  • Ensure that strict SLAs for deliveries and dispatches are met
  • Facilitate quick onboarding and delivery for independent retailers
  • Provide secure authorization of payments and budget management
  • Enable mobile process applications to boost efficiency
  • Enable RPA integration between ERP and Bizagi


  • 17 processes deployed in just two and half years
  • Standardization and transparency of operations
  • X12 faster pricing approval, reduced from 24 hours to 3 hours
  • 100% of delivery SLAs met - 35 minutes to send information to warehouses
  • Four hours to onboard new customers with first deliveries made in 24 hours
  • All payments authorized through Bizagi for security and compliance
  • Mobile Bizagi app to authorize and update processes in the field