Duration: 2.5 hours



This online instructor-led course is designed to understand the scope of Modeler Enterprise (ME) and get familiar with the portal and tools that Bizagi offers to model, document, browse and share your processes in the Cloud.



  • Understand what Modeler Enterprise offers to model and document your enterprise processes in a single repository in the cloud
  • Understand the main benefits of Modeler Enterprise
  • Review the portals and applications of Modeler Enterprise
  • Get familiar with the main features of Modeler Enterprise




  • Introduction 
  • First time with Modeler Enterprise
  • Organizing your processes
  • Collaborating on your processes
  • Documenting your processes
  • Organizing your processes – Value chain
  • Governance
  • Reports
  • Support


Recommended Audience


This course is aimed at professionals involved in process modeling in their organizations with Modeler Enterprise.}


How it works


  • The course is led by an expert consultant in Bizagi
  • All sessions of the course will be performed on consecutive days
  • The number of participants will be limited