Duration: 2.5 hours


This online instructor-led course is designed to understand the best approach to discover your processes, the most important guidelines to model processes for execution, and the best practices for modeling.

It introduces a series of tips and tricks to identify the best use of BPMN with Bizagi to model processes.



  • Understand the best approach to discover your processes
  • Reinforce the semantics of the BPMN shapes
  • Recognize the most important guidelines to model process for execution with Bizagi
  • Explore the best practices for using BPMN with Bizagi
  • Analyze your processes according to the best practices for modeling
  • Become familiar with the anti-patterns of process modeling




  • Introduction 
  • Discovering your processes
  • Guidelines to model processes for execution with Bizagi
  • Best practices for process modeling
  • Anti-patterns of modeling


Recommended Audience

This course is aimed at professionals who are involved or interested in the development of process automation projects.

  • Architects
  • BPM developers


How it works


  • The course is led by an expert consultant in Bizagi
  • All sessions of the course will be performed on consecutive days
  • The number of participants will be limited